Other Reliable Floor Slip Test Methods

Other reliable slip test devices exist besides the pendulum, although the pendulum is the most widely used and accepted around the world.


The BOT-3000E digital tribometer is used for current test standards ANSI B101.1, B101.3, and A137.1. It tests floors using hard rubber sliders of Neolite for static coefficient of friction (SCOF) testing (reliable for dry testing only) and SBR for dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) testing. ANSI B101.1 measures static friction. ANSI B101.3 and A137.1 measure dynamic (DCOF) friction at a lower speed than the pendulum, making the BOT-3000E more applicable for indoor situations where people are not expected to be running or moving at higher than walking speeds.

The instrument includes many electronic features that help in validating a test such as recording the last date of calibration and taking a photo of the area being tested automatically. These features help with courtroom credibility. Here you can view a video demonstration of the BOT-3000E.

Static friction is applicable to a pedestrian who is standing still on a floor. A floor that is slip resistant will be non-slip for someone who is in motion across the floor. Static coefficient of friction slip testing has therefore been proven to be irrelevant, especially in the wet condition. Both the BOT-3000E and the Tortus (see below) are capable of making a lot more slip tests than the pendulum per hour, which makes those instruments valuable for making lots of tests on a large floor fairly quickly to see if slip resistance varies in different areas of the floor.

BOT-3000E Slip Resistance Test

Tortus Trbometer

The Tortus digital slip tester has been endorsed by the Ceramic Tile Institute of America (CTIOA) since 2001 as a secondary standard, with the pendulum being the primary standard test device. One advantage of the Tortus over the pendulum is that it can perform many slip tests in a short period of time, dry and wet. The CTIOA method as well as the Australian standard AS4586-2013 have endorsed a minimum dynamic coefficient of friction for level floors of 0.50 using the Tortus slip resistance test using hard FourS (standard shoe sole simulating) rubber. Here you can find a Tortus video demonstration.

Tortus 3 floor slip tester

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